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How AmpUp Works

AmpUp is an extremely simple and hassle-free plug-and-play tool that enables customers to post video reviews
for products they love and become evangelists for your shopify store.

Step 1: Connect Shopify

Connect your Shopify account with AmpUp, once done we will provide you with a list of fulfilled orders which are ready for customer reach out to collect video feedback

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Absolute security

Step 2: Customized Video Request Link

Customize your video request form in AmpUp's dashboard, create branded request form link which is ready for customer reach out. With this unique magic link, your customers can now send in video feedback directly to you without the hassle of downloading any app or signing up!

Step 3: Send & Recieve

Send your custom magic link to customers via email, whatsapp, SMS, or any of your existing customer touch point channels. Customers can record their video feedback using the link and send in their response directly which will be received and ready to download in your dashboard

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Why Video Reviews

A general written review can be easily fabricated – potential future buyers are less likely to trust basic written reviews. Whereas, video reviews are fully transparent & authentic. Customer videos, in turn, provide social proof, trust, and conversions for your Shopify store

Assign to others

Increases Credibility: 67% of shoppers spend more online after recommendations from an online community of friends

Stay connected

Increases Trust: 88% of consumers trust online video reviews as much as personal recommendations

Powerful search

Increases Confidence: 90% of consumers say that positive video reviews influenced their buying decisions

Use Cases

Leverage your most valuable marketing asset: Customers!
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Embed Customer Videos on your Website

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First 50 Customer Videos Free, Get Started!
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